Saturday, January 14, 2012

Causes of Failure of the Rana Rule

  1. Autocratic and dictatorial rule of the Ranas, misuse of the state's fund, resources and authority.
  2. Lack of support to the Rana rule from the people, and the conflict and conspiracy among the Ranas for power and privilege.
  3. Classification of Ranas in A,B and C classes; and opposition to the A-class Ranas by the C-class Ranas.
  4. Awareness in Nepal about the despotic rule of the Ranas, and the revolution against the Ranas by the unity of the people, democratic forces and King Tribhuwan.
  5. Impact of the independence of India the Second World War, and the support provided by India directly and indirectly.
  6. Dramatic escape of King Tribhuwan to Delhi, the Tripartite Agreement, declaration of democracy, and the formal end of the Rana rule.

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