Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Main Five Clauses of the Delhi Agreement

  1. An elected Constituent Assembly shall draft the democratic constitution within two years.
  2. A 10-member interim government shall be constituted to run the administration until the new constitution is drafted. There shall be five members from the Ranas and the five from the Nepali congress in the interim government.
  3. King Tribhuwan shall remain as the legitimated king of Nepal.
  4. All the political prisoners shall be set free except those charged with criminal offences.
  5. The revolutionaries shall have to submit their arms and ammunition to the government and stop the revolution.
After the agreement the Nepali congress agreed to stop the revolution and with that, the armed revolution stopped in Nepal.

However, the Delhi Agreement was strongly protested by Dr. K.I. Singh and his supporters. They continued the struggle stating that the Ranas should be removed from all the high posts of the army and the civil service and they demanded that the agreement to end the Rana rule be done in Nepal itself under the mediation of the King rather than in foreign land under foreign pressure.

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