Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ujjir Singh Thapa

He is another great warrior during Anglo-Nepal War. Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa's father, General Amarsingh Thapa, was the governor of Palpa. Ujjir Singh Thapa, the son of Nayan Singh Thapa and grandson of Amarsingh Thapa, became the Governor of Palpa after the death of Amarsingh Thapa. His duty was to defend Palpa. On the other side, Major General Wood was the British commander of this sector. About 4000 soldiers from the British troops were advancing to Palpa via Butwal. The British troops were confronted on a jungle route by Nepalese troops led by Ujjir Singh Thapa. The British army was badly defeated and forced to adopt a defensive policy. Nepalese troops drove the invading forces. Ujjir Singh Thapa's contribution to defend the sovereignty of Nepal remains immortal in the history of Nepal.

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