Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Political Situation and Condition in Nepal between 1951 A.D-1961 A.D ( Cont...)

 In the meantime, the Nepal Praja Parishad, the Nepal Communist Party, and other various organisations jointly formed a United People's Front ( Janatantrik Samyukta Morcha)  and demanded to form an all party government that would include all the democratic forces. On the other hand, Dr. K.I Singh revolted against the cabinet of Matrika Prasad Koirala. However, Dr. Singh failed in his mission. He fled to Tibet for refuge. At the same period, Bhim Dutta Pant who was leading of united front against the Ranarchy expressed his critical dissatisfaction with the government activities. He framed his political agenda on land ownership rights to the people, rights and interests of the people, and law and order as well as security of the people, and then started a revolutionary political movement. However, he was declared a terrorist, arrested and killed in Dadeldhura district in 1954 A.D.

After the suppression of the above-mentioned revolts, king Tribhuwan formed a five-member advisory government under his leadership. It was outright rejected by the democratic forces, and opposed by India. The government was dissolved in 1954 A.D. Again, a five-member ministerial cabinet under the leadership of Matrika Prasad Koirala was formed. Twelve secretaries supported the five-member cabinet in carrying out various administrative and political activities in different departments. The continued internal political misunderstanding, lack of support to the government, and unhealthy competition among political forces to run the government let to the dissolution of the Matrika Prasad Koirala-led government in 1955 A.D. King Tribhuwan died in 1955 A.D and Mahendra became the king. He immediately formed an advisory body and then started his direct rule. In 1956 A.D,  cabinet was formed under the leadership of Tanka Prasad Acharya, the President of Praja Parishad. It too got dissolved after six months in 1957 A.D. Again, a cabinet was formed under the leadership of Dr. K.I. Singh and that too could not serve the government long. It was dissolved in 1958 A.D.

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