Saturday, January 21, 2012

Socia-Economic and Political Achievements Between 1951-1961 A.D ( Contd....)

Administrative and Political Sector

The first democratic decade witnessed political instability due to frequent changes in governments. Even, the elected government of the Nepali Congress under the leadership of B.P. Koirala lasted for seventeen months. Despite frequent obstacles to forming and having stable governments, some of the major reforms in the field of political and administrative sectors were as follows:

  1. Multi-party democratic system was practiced.
  2. People got freedom to form political parties.
  3. Nepal became the member of the UNO, and the Universal Postal Union (UPU).
  4. First democratic constitution was framed in 2015 B.S.
  5. Formation of the Election Commission and the first general election started in 2015 B.S./1958 A.D.
  6. First people's elected government was formed.
  7. Nepal's diplomatic relations flourished.

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